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Making Progress with Advanced Grammar and Topik 34th Results

So it has been a 10 day mini vacation in between getting burned out from advanced grammar to finally re-opening the book up again. Thankfully I was able to make it through about 6 or 7 grammar points yesterday with very relative ease. I feel like it definitely added a little bit more motivation to get finished before the end of June. So far I’ve made it through about 32 of the 83(?) grammar points of the book. I wanted to make it to the 40th grammar point in the book yesterday but I felt my brain getting a bit bored and preoccupied so I decided to just be happy with what I did yesterday.

Today is Sunday and I have to work on my essay writing video as well as go to work for a few hours so while I am hoping to get in a few hours of advanced Korean tonight, it may not be in the cards. I’ve been so busy working on things and teaching that I keep on forgetting that the days until the Topik results are announced are numbered. It’s Sunday today, and the exam grades will be announced on Friday of this week.

How crazy is that?

I was looking online at past exam grade announcements and noticed that all the past exams were announced within a 3 week period but this exam was announced in a 5 week period. I am going to go out on a limb and say it is because they had much higher numbers of people taking this exam compared to the past ones because it would be the last one before the format change? I was talking with my boss about my grade and were both certain I did well. I want to get crazy and say I did *really* well, but nothing would be a bigger shot to the ego than to click enter on the Topik site only to discover that I failed it.

If you read my Topik experience post you will know that I finished early and found the test overall quite easy. A breeze even. Now I’m kicking myself for being so confident. Anything could happen, right? Anyone who knows me knows that I am a “worse case scenario” preparer to the fullest degree so I’m sure Friday morning I will be wearing my “prepare yourself for failure” cap. I will be winching at the screen with my eyes nearly closed as I peak at the score. All I really care about is seeing level 4 합격! in the corner of the screen. Then after throwing some cold water on my face, I’ll likely re-open the tab to see the breakdown of my score.

I’d like to get an 85% overall with nothing lower than a 75-80% in every section. I worked ridiculously hard for that grade so I think my expectations are definitely reasonable. Despite having the 34th test in my Topik One app, I’ve not ventured one wink at it. To me, doing so is a curse. I know that a few people have already checked and ball parked their score, but I know I will give myself like 90% right (even if I got some wrong) and it’s already to late to check anyway. So now the true waiting game begins.




Advanced Korean and a whole lot of nope

Remember when I was so excited to start my new advanced grammar book?

That high did not last that long. Ever since I started the Darakwon series, I could blow through several grammar points in a few hours and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of my studying. I think I finished the first grammar book in like 25 days or something. The intermediate book took me about 3 months because I took a 4 week break from all things Korean. When I fist started this book I thought it wasn’t that bad. Many of the grammar points are just the advanced versions of ones I’d previously learned.


Then I got to 길래….


The first time I’d ever seen this grammar point was in the 150 Essential Topik Grammar book. According to that book 길래 is yet another version of ‘so’ in Korean. “That’s easy to remember”, I thought. I was wrong. Oh, so very wrong. This grammar point is akin to ‘so’ in Korean but it also has like 10 different rules for it. I had been on a roll until I stumbled upon 길래. Turning the page and seeing all of those grammar rules made me want to stop. Nope. Nope. Nope. This is probably how people feel when learning English. Even at the basic level it has a ton of grammar rules. Up until 길래, I felt so lucky learning Korean because it has so few exclusions and rules with grammar. Everything is (or was) so straight forward.


It should be expected for grammar to have a lot of rules at the advanced level but I didn’t take to well to it. So, I quit. Well took a break for a few days. I felt like my mind just needed to rest. Ideally I’d like to finish the grammar book by the end of May, but I’m now thinking I need to be more realistic and push that back to the end of June. It’s only 83 or so grammar points, and I’ve finished about 30 (I think) so 6 weeks to finish the remaining ones doesn’t seem like too much work considering I can make it through a few chapters in one sitting. Only on days that I’m feeling really lucky, though.




P.S. I should have the other part of my website up and running this weekend. I went to Seoul yesterday and despite spending a lot of money I still have a couple things that I need. Odds and ends type stuff which is annoying. However, I will be adding to my video collection (does 2 vids qualify as a collection? lol) by next weekend. I’m really excited to be doing things with Korean the way I want to!

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