Sinus Infection, Shots and Procrastination

I’ve lived in Korea for over 1.5 years and have never been sick. Surely not memorably so. However last week I woke up with a bit of a sore nasal tract. Kind of like how you feel when the air is dry in your room. I thought it would pass but it turned into a sinus infection. I couldn’t breathe and my nose and throat were full of mucus.

This lasted for about 3 days.

Then I started losing my voice and it was time for the hospital. I’ve never been to a Korean hospital except for my initial check up when I first arrived. They scare me. If you’re American then they way Korean hospital work is different. I’ll spare all the boring details but I did get a shot. I’m guessing it was antibiotics? Anyway it was injected into my butt. What an experience.

Since my sickness I haven’t been on the ball these last few days. I am still only half way through test 29 listening and still have 4 more listening portions left until it’s review time for the exam.

I had been studying a ton up until this point. Lately I haven’t done anything. I want to blame it on my sickness but I have to be honest and admit I was losing steam inspite of that. I find it a bit ironic. I could study for hours without destraction 3, 4, 5 months before the exam but here I am with 3.5 weeks left before the exam and I’m looking for any reason not to study. Maybe its because I think I can do it?

I’m sure I can do at least a level 3. A part of me even thinks I can pull a level 4, but there is also a part of me that feels like if I sqeak by with a level 4, then I’ve failed. People who have taken the exam might think this is silly but hear me out.

I’ve been preparing for this test like crazy. I am the kind of person that has a good idea and then gives up without following through because it becomes boring over time. Studying Korean is the one thing I haven’t given up on. Also this is the first standardized test I’ve seriously prepared for. All other ones throughout my life have been brushed off which led me to mediocre scores because I didn’t learn the exams style/expectations.

I am the fat person who worked out and ate right for months religiously and when I step on that scale I want a number that reflects it. A number might just be a number…to a degree. I think this is something people say as a cop out for not doing well. On the practice exams that I got the higher scores on, I did so because I understood the material in front of me well. I’d spent time looking up words on previous exams but after I found the groove I started looking them up afterward and I was still doing well.

I think the Topik does test your understanding and ability in Korean. If you are well prepared for the exam in every way you will get a good score. It’s hard not to. You don’t fail or nearly fail a test because you’re not good at tests, sometimes it boils down to not being prepared. I said it before, the first time I looked at a Topik test nearly 6 months ago I couldn’t even answer the easier questions. Now I can after studying diligently for months I can do substantially better than before.  Hopefully I can pull it together and finish it strong.


By Charm

I am an American living in Korea, teaching English to Korean students, and Korean to myself. Topik here I come!

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