Kindergarten, Crowns, and Advanced Korean Grammar with 9 days until the Topik

Korean Grammar in Use advanced and EBS Topik prep

I have only 9 days until the Topik 34th.


Over the past 10 or so days I’ve managed to do all of nothing. We currently teach at Korean kindergarten and despite classes being 30 minutes long a couple times a week, we have to prepare so much for it. Songs, dances, materials etc. I probably spend at least 10-15 hours of my free time making materials for teaching.


I also had a dental emergency this week. I have two root canals done years ago and one of them has been slightly chipped and in need of a crown for months. Well a few days ago the other one chipped as well. This could not wait, so guess who was at the dentist two times this week? Today I had my fitting done for one of the crowns. Being stupid I thought this process would take like 20 minutes and I’d be out the door. All they have to do is take a mold, right? Wrong. They must cut the tooth for crowning preparation, fit a mold, cut into the gums, take another mold, create a temporary tooth (which feels like crap) and only then could I go home. Guess when I’ll be having it put it? Friday the 18th. That’s two days before the Topik.


Because of all of this, I haven’t been able to put a ton of studying into the Topik. I did manage to get through all of the reading reviews but I haven’t been able to memorize all of the vocabulary and adverbs that I would have liked. My boss offered to translate the rest of the 200 adverbs I need to know to cut down on my time. To remedy this, I decided to buy an EBS Topik prep book a the bookstore as well as the new Darakwon advanced grammar book. I’m pretty excited for the purchases. The EBS book forces me to study the Topik and the Darakwon gives me something to look forward to after the test is finished. There are only 85 grammar points in that book. I’m so excited to officially be at newspaper reading level (though my vocabulary game is weak).


From today, I am going to be studying continuously. I can’t say I will be studying especially hard as I’ve crossed that line where I have a really good idea as to what is expected and can’t really go much further, but studying something Topik related rather that just sitting on my butt and watching TV is probably a better situation.


P.S. Expect big changes around the website in the next week or two…..



By Charm

I am an American living in Korea, teaching English to Korean students, and Korean to myself. Topik here I come!

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