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Sometimes I wonder how I even passed the Topik


21 days ago I said I would be returning to regular posting soon. In that 21 days I’ve made exactly one post. ONE. This same exact degree of laziness befell me last year around this time as well. Maybe I should blame it on the season? Currently it is rainy season in Korea and when you wake up to the rain, work during the rain and go home in the rain, it doesn’t exactly inspire one to go home and study a foreign language for fun does it?

However, I am still making excuses, I admit. I am simply procrastinating. This time last year, I was stuck in the middle of my intermediate grammar book with no plans to on finishing it. I don’t remember how long this “phase” lasted, but I didn’t do anything involving Korean for about 3 months(?). Then around October a fire lit under my butt and I blew through the rest of my grammar book and lapped around for a victory dance.

Then I went to Japan.

I didn’t start preparing for the Topik specifically until the second weeks of January 2014. Somehow, despite all of my laziness, I managed to get to where I needed to be in most of the sections and pass the level 4. It just dawned on me as I sit here (doing nothing. really) that I didn’t actually spend a 1.5 years preparing for the Topik. If I added up all my “meh, I don’t want to do this” time for 2013 a total of about 7 months were spent actively studying Korean everyday.

Though I probably have an in-country advantage as well I suppose.

I was planning (lol, can we call it that?) on taking the Topik intermediate-advanced in 11 months or so, but as I look at the calender and recall all the wasted days, I truly wonder if I will be prepared for it in time. I look at my bookshelf and wonder when I’m going to take out that advanced grammar book and finish the grammar points leftover. To be honest, I’ve thought about it quite a few times, but I always make up some excuse not to.

“Tomorrow, I’ll start again”.

This is what I always do. It’s always kind of “worked” for me. Just winging it.


Oh how I wish that I was someone who could just stay on track.




p.s. I’m going to get off my lazy butt. You should see me and my “diet”. I’ve been going on a diet for like 3 months. It’s ridiculous. 

Good explanation for particles 은/는, 이/가 and 을/를

I understand the use of the object marker 을/를 but since I first started studying Korean, I could never understand the difference between 은/는 and 이/가. I stumbled across this explanation of it on Lang-8 while milling around.This is the best explanation so far that I’ve seen for it. While I’m still a little fuzzy on using them in the same sentence, this definitely helps me understand them separately. It was written by audioslave on Lang-8. You can find the original here.

을/를 are object markers. They go after the object of the sentence 
피자를 먹었어요. I ate pizza. 
In this sentence, the noun “pizza” is the object of the verb, so we use the object marker 를. 

은/는 are topic markers. They go after the topic of the sentence. 
나는 행복해요. I am happy. 
In this sentence, “I” am the /topic of the sentence, so we use the topic marker 는. 

이/가 are subject markers. They go after the subject of the sentence. 
사과가 너무 비싸요. Apples are very expensive. 

This is where it becomes a little tricky. You may have noticed that 이/가 & 은/는 are similar in usage. This is true. Context is important to knowing which one to use (for sentences with no context, like, on an exam or something, ask your teacher what they prefer. my professor told us to use 은/는 on exams when there’s no context, but others may want something else). The best way I can describe the difference between the two is to compare it to English. 

If I am telling a story in English, I introduce something to the story by using “a/an.” This is similar to 이/가. After I’ve introduced the subject, I can continue to talk about it using “the” (it becomes the topic of conversation). This is similar to 은/는. If I want to change the topic, I introduce something new using “a/an” again. For example: 

“There was [a] woman.” (woman = subject.) 
“[The] woman had long hair.” (woman = topic.) 
“[The] woman had [a] best friend.” (woman = topic, best friend = new subject; its possible to have multiple subjects and topics within one sentence) 
“[The] best friend… (best friend = subject) 

A good way to check if you’ve used the particles correctly is to remember that nouns followed by 을/를 always have an ACTION VERB at the end of the sentence. The nouns followed by 은/는 (or 이/가) will have an ADJECTIVE (or 이다/아니다 & 있다/없다) at the end of the sentence. 

Hope this helps! <3


If you understand the use of ‘a/an’ versus ‘the’ in English, this could definitely help you in understanding the use of these four particles. I’m hope it benefits you as much as it did me.




charm youtube

Introducting my Youtube channel Hangul Love

Hello everyone!

So remember that surprise I was alluding to? This is it!


I have had this channel “officially” for a few weeks now, but I haven’t been able to do much with it because I didn’t have a good microphone. I’d ordered one Gmarket and got slapped with it “delayed shipping” message that really set me back a bit. However, I now have my microphone so I uploaded my first video. You can view it here. If you like it, please subscribe!

Are you surprised?

Actually, I’ve always wanted to own a website and have my own Youtube channel, so this is all really exciting for me. I’ve spent so much time searching around the internet for Korean-related sites and videos and after not finding exactly what I was looking for I decided to make some of my own. The first series is called Bit of Korean. I decided to create this series for native English speaking teachers (or any person) living in Korea. It will include very useful Korean expressions that I’ve learned while living in Korea. They have helped make my life in Korea go just a little bit more smoothly. I will be uploading the first video for that soon (it’s converting as I type).

The surprises don’t end there.

Within the next week or so, I will be starting another series. You’ll just have to wait to see what that is about, but trust me,  you won’t be disappoint (at least I hope not, lol).

I’m going to run now. My dog is begging me to take her on a walk. I should be uploading my first Bit of Korean video within 1.5 hours of making this post. Stay tuned.



Update: Ick! It took me longer than I anticipated to get everything set up. But it’s finally set up. Like my Korean notebooks, all of my blogging will be kept separately as well. The Bit of Korean series can be found here  and you can see the very first video for it here on YouTube. I really appreciate the few people who follow me. Thanks again!


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