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Hello! You can call me Charm. I chose this name because I *think* I’m pretty charming, but that’s just in my opinion. I was born almost 25 years ago in the midwestern United States. I started college right after high school and for my first year, I studied Chinese (yes, Chinese), but dropped it because I didn’t like how the department was run and I felt I was wasting my time.

Shortly there after I decided on my major that required a foreign language as well. I’ve never been a fan of European, South East Asian, African, or South American languages so choosing from the East Asian languages was a no-brainer. Chinese was off the list and I knew nothing about Korean so I signed up for Japanese on a whim. I’d seen some programs about Japan and had a passive interest in the culture, so I thought the language would be fun. I never found out. The books for that class were too expensive, so I went back to the drawing board. A friend suggested we take Korean together (she was a k-pop/drama fan) and I did. the rest is history. I spent 2 years in college studying Korean. I even have a minor in it.

I came to Korea in 2012. I currently teach English to Korean students of all ages and some adults. I spent the first 5 months overwhelmed with being here and didn’t study a lick of Korean. Then in January 2013 I kicked it in gear and blew through all the beginner and intermediate grammar points in preparation for the Topik in April 2014. I started blogging primarily because there aren’t many North American English speakers interested in learning Korean as a second or third language so I wanted to share my journey with it in the hopes it will inspire others to attempt it as well. I also believe that Korean is a beautiful language. I love the way it is written, read, and how it sounds to the ears. I find it very interesting and different from my own.

Someday (soon, I hope) I want to be fluent in Korean.



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  1. sweetangel April 24, 2014 at 12:10 am

    Hello Charm. Nice to meet you ^^ I love your entries so much. I am looking forward to your new entries. ^^

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